Karaoke session
poopoo posted at Friday, June 4, 2010 AT 11:27 AM

emmm... direct post 2 post in a time. hahaha... previously too busy and tired so now post it in a shot. =p
last wednesday night, i had went to dream box to sing k with One You gangs (they are chuan, yek, fatt, siowhui, ming, master, xianglong and lee cooper). this is the 1st time after 4 or 5 months we had singing session which was at end of january's ah gu birthday.
at the beginning it was just some normal singing session. after some time, we become really high which lead by master. we start to standing up and make a half circle in front of the screen while singing. we sang louder and louder and in the end start jumping and dancing around.
this is the 1st time i sing k sing till sweating. hahaha... that night we sang till 2am in the morning and went to have a drink at mamak stall. after that just went home.
the day after, i felt very tired and like a zombie while working. =p but it was really fun.

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china trip ^^V
poopoo posted at AT 10:09 AM

hohoho... after so long just update my blog. =p i had went to guang zhou, china from 18th may to 26th may with chuan and yek. they went they to find and buy stock, so i follow them to learn thing and visit around.
on 18th may, we leave melaka around 2am to air port with taxi. the flight we took take off around 5.40am and we reach guang zhou around 10am. when reach guang zhou air port, we took a taxi to hotel. after checked in and leave our stuff in hotel, we went to eat and then start our work, search for new stock.
the 1st place we went was Onelink International Plaza, i was shock when i reach there cause there are so many thing with various kind and the place is so big. at the end of the day (only half day), my leg was so tired and my eye blur after look at all those thing. we had look for many thing for those few day include souvenirs, clothes and furnitures.
i had my 1st taste of pig brain at guang zhou. its taste is still ok but just went i think of its pig brain, then feel really "geli". hahaha... but i finally also finish it.
i also met 2 beautiful girls there. they are so friendly and funny. really happy to met them.
although most of the time we are working and only visit few place, but i still feel very happy can travel, meet new friend and learn thing. hope will have next time.

Onelink International Plaza

raw pig brain

cooked pig brain

ps: thanks to chuan, yek and fatt let me got this opportunity to learn from u all.

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poopoo posted at Monday, May 17, 2010 AT 6:06 PM

start from tomorrow i going to MIA for around 9 days. going to china with ah chuan and ah yek. hope the trip safe and smooth. =p hope i can learn from them and gain more experience. jiayou jiayou!!!
later going to fatt house for BBQ party. yummy...

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busy weekend =p
poopoo posted at Monday, May 10, 2010 AT 12:58 PM

last saturday (8th may 2010) was the day of my friends new wholesale shop (One You Trading) opening day. on the friday night, i went to their new shop but nothing much that i can help there. only help them to move some table and chair from the shop at jonker walk.

on saturday morning, i went to their shop around 10am and i bring along my camera to take some photo. there are a lot of ppls came to support their shop and they had prepared some delicious food for everyone to eat. after settle all the preparation thing, we start to eat and all are very delicious home made food. yummy... then fatt asked me to help him to look be0 the casher and issue the receipt when the costumer buy thing. around 1pm i had went to One You Enterprise help coz not enough ppl there. i stay at there until around 7pm then just went back to One You Trading at melaka raya. by the time i reached there, they already want to close shop and i had finish the left over yong tau fu that made by fatt's mother. really delicios. hahaha...
at night, we had went to arena to celebrate ah loon birthday. wow... we had order 2 chest of beer with total of 48 bottles. they all drink a lot but i only drink 1 bottle + nia... when i feel like going to vomit, i had stop drinking and just hear the music and sway with it. ^^ we stay there till around 2am then all went home.
on sunday, i going for a futsal competition that organised by my company and afternoon i going to celebrate mother's day with my family. we are going to watch ip man 2 and then have our dinner at bei zhan.
that morning, i wake up early and reached the klebang futsal court around 8.40am and do some warm up with my colleague. when we look at our opponents, they all are really strong. we manage to maintain tide with the 1st 2 teams with 0:0. for 3rd team that we fight with, we manage to lead with 1 score but at the end they had scored 2 score and win us with 2:1. after all the match, my tight muscle pain like hell. up until now my tight still pain even when walking. after we loss, we went back home earlier. i had went to One You Enterprise and One You Trading to look around and chat a while with my friends then i went back around 2pm.
i thought i can get a nap but my sister told me that we are going out at 3pm and the movie we are watching is at 4.40pm. then i just take a shower and play facebook until 3pm. when reached pahlawan mall, we cant find parking lot, even mahkota parade parking also full. finally we park at newton food court's parking lot and walk to the pahlawan mall cinema.
ip man 2 is quite a nice movie for me. i was agitated when the boxer insult chinese martial art and when ip man fight with him.

after finish the movie, we went to have dinner at bei zhan. before this, i heard my friend said that bei zhan food not nice, got few of my friends that eat there complain about it. but after we finish the dinner, i feel still ok ah... may be is personal taste problem bah... it still consider Ok for me. =p
when we reach home after having the dinner, i thought i can have a nice sleep coz i already very tired. who know when i was going to sleep, company called me. *sigh* my production line got problem and my technician cannot settle it. wth... the i went in to work until 4.30am and when home around 5.30am. really damn tired lor... when i reach home, i direct drop down to my bed and sleep until 12pm just wake up. =.=

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poopoo posted at Thursday, April 29, 2010 AT 7:40 PM

next sunday (9th may), my company will have a futsal competition and my colleague asked me to join due to not enough player. i had join them but i never play futsal before, only play few time football when secondary school's PE period.
yesterday, i had join them to play futsal after work and this is the 1st time i play. hahaha... although the futsal court are smaller than the normal football court but we need to run almost whole court and that make me tired in just a few run. due to long time never exercise plus my stamina is really bad, i feel like going to faint after finish 1 round. i had played for 3 or 4 rounds and sweat like after bath. i had got 1 big ang bao on my left knee, 1 small ang bao on my right knee and the little finger of my right leg pop out a bubble coz of friction between the finger and the shoe. but its quite fun playing futsal. hahaha...
then this morning when i wake up, both my leg a bit pain especially walk up and down the stair. so noob. hahaha... think i need to do more exercise liao... but say easy but wanna do is another thing. =p

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JB one day trip.
poopoo posted at Wednesday, April 28, 2010 AT 1:42 PM

wow. recently only will update my blog after a long period. nothing much to write. =p
last tuesday i had went to watch movie with my friends, One You geng. we had total of 13 ppls went to watch "ice kacang puppy love". this movie is a local made movie by ah niu (阿牛 陈庆祥, local singer which now become a director). for me, it is a great local movie and it bring back a lot of my childhood memories. in the movie, got games that we had played while we were a kid, the kopitiam (coffee shop) that we use to go with our parents (now seldom go liao) when we were young, the hair style of our childhood, talking style etc. as for the puppy love part, i still not yet go through that part so not much influence me but my friends said it bring back those sweet memories. yeah, its a movie that talk about our childhood. i love it. ;)

then yesterday i had taken 1 day replacement leave and went to JB with chuan and fatt. they want to send some stock of One You to a customer at skudai parade. around 8.30am in the morning, chuan came to pick me up and went to fetch for fatt. after that chuan ask me to drive to JB coz they are tired. recently they are busy with the new shop stock and rushing to open on early of may. so i drive from melaka to JB and chuan take back the wheel when we reached JB tol. we went to skudai parade and found the shop that they want to send the stock to. we had rent some cube space at that shop. chuan and i arranged the stock that we wish to sell at that shop and fatt count the stock that order by that shop owner.
while we were arranging the thing, a reporter from guang ming daily came to interview the shop owner. while they were talking, the shop owner mention of our shop at melaka and they had taken some stock from us. after they finish, the reporter came to interview us and when they want to take photo of us arranging the stock, i had been "put on table" by chuan. after taking a few photo, they ask 3 of us to take photo together and acting to arrange thing. then fatt join me but chuan insist dont want to be in it. hahaha... i still wonder why.
after finish our business there, we went to sutera mall coz fatt want to change a phone battery that he bought there but cannot use and we have lunch (already around 4.30pm ><) there. after finish our lunch we walk for a while then went to find one of their costumer around JB. we chit chat at that costumer place until 7pm+ then we left to go home.
chuan be the driver for the back home trip while fatt and i sleep at his side. after driving a while he felt sleepy and stop at a rest stop. he went to bathroom to wash face and we bought some fruits and snacks. then we continue our trip back to melaka. when i reached home already around 9pm.
after i bath and want to online to write this blog then i found that my streamyx is down. wth... it still can function normally in the morning then down at night. really jialat lor... i had called to the tm customer service and they had asked me to test this test that and i had called 3 times in order to finish all the testing that they request. coz some testing need to off my phone and some need to wait for some time. at the 3rd call then they open a report for me and said will ask their technician to check. the second operator got mention that may be its my modem got problem. if its true then i have to spend money liao lor... haiz... this time donno how long will they need to check and settle this problem. donno will they as efficiency as the short movie that they made. =p

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global warming, burning weather...
poopoo posted at Monday, April 19, 2010 AT 4:57 PM

wow... last few days weather like in hell. keep sweating whole days even just after came out from bath. the earth are sick, global warming become more and more serious. the weather had changed and become unstable. what will the future be??? we need to save and protect the earth but how many of us can do it??? me myself also not dare to say i can do it coz i some time also will do thing that hurt the earth. haiz...
luckily last saturday night got rain for whole night and cooled the weather a bit (i really mean a little bit). but the cool down was not long, at the evening, the heat came back. sweat.

well last saturday was my friend, bankia, wedding and i had been invited to be his brother gang. so that day i wake up early in the morning and wait for my friend come to fetch me to the bridegroom house. but my friend was late, when i called him then he just woke up. >< (lucky i got called him, if not donno wait till when, hahaha...) although we are late but luckily still make it in time. hahaha...

at night i went to the wedding dinner (it located at S.J.K (C) Cheng which is also my primary school), i had bring along my camera to take some photo (noob camera man). hahaha... the school had changed a lot since i graduate from there. it really bring back many old memories. i had met some of my old friends at the wedding dinner. although we all live not very far away but seldom got chance to meet each others. we had some chit chat while waiting the dinner start. that night i only had 2 glass of beer but i also can't make it. finally went to the toilet to throw out. haiz... such a loser. =p

bridegroom & bride

my primary school

p.s: congratulation to bankia and liling on their wedding.

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